Aluminum Fan Drive Motors

SGM2 and SGM3 motors are engineered to meet the cooling demands and emission requirements for off-highway equipment.

Based on proven Turolla OpenCircuitGear™ high performance gear motors, they offer enhancements such as the cast iron rear cover on the aluminum housing for increased durability when operating at rated pressure up to 250 bar [3525 psi]. Turolla OpenCircuitGear has the know-how to integrate fan drive system solutions.

Product Group Level Flange Size Displacement  cm³/rev [in³/rev] Rated Pressure bar [psi] Maximum Speed min-1 (rpm) Technical Information
SGM2 Group 2 SAE A 8.4-25.2
250 [3,625] 3,500 (PDF)
SGM3 Group 3 SAE B 22.1-44.1
250 [3,626] 2,500 (PDF)

Features & Benefits

  • Integrated dust cover to extend product life by preventing dirt ingression across the shaft seal.
  • Enhanced gear teeth machining and special coating to reduce noise levels to boost operator comfort.
  • EH proportional valve integrated in the rear casting to provide more uniform performance over the entire operating temperature range.
  • PLUS+1™ Compliant technology to ensure all electro-hydraulic products integrate seamlessly in a customized control system.



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