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Turolla has offered the rugger D-Series line of pumps and motors for over 20 years. Every component of the D-Series is specifically designed for maximum efficiency, dependability, durability and reliability in performing continuous operation in heavy duty applications with severe duty cycles and temperature conditions, all within the industry leading package size and power density.


To provide external gear solutions for group 3 frame sizes, Turolla is proud to introduce the Cascade and Dolomites lines of cast iron products. Utilizing a slightly larger frame size, the Cascade and Dolomites families extend the range at which Turolla offers cast iron units from 7.0cc's all the way to 100.0cc's.cast iron product


Features & Benefits

  • Non-tin-coated external surface bearings, allowing higher bearing loads due to high pressures.
  • Thrust plate design for high efficiency over a wide temperature range.
  • Teflon® coated bushings for extended life under extreme temperature and pressure conditions.
  • Non high strength cast iron construction for efficient performance in continuous operation.
  • Custom engineered shaft bearings and dual pressure-balanced thrust plates for high starting torque and long life.
  • Variety of integrated valve options.

Features & Benefits (D-Series only)


  • Variety of integrated valve options.
  • Viton® seals standard for extended life under extreme temperatures.
  • Easy installation in optimized machines due to compact, power-dense design.


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