LoNoise and NoNoise gear pumps

Turolla shhark®

With a simple but sophisticated design, we offer a gear pump that not only is quieter, but also has a unique advantage over the most popular low noise gear pump. The Turolla shhark® patented design guarantees the pump will remain silent after many hours of heavy duty operation and offers costs savings over traditional gear pump by eliminating costs associated with external noise reduction devices,

The shhark® design offers a 5 to 9 dB noise reduction over regular gear pumps and is ideal for application where low noise and high efficiency are required. Typical applications include tractors, indoor lift trucks, aerial platforms, construction equipment, material handling, agricultural and lifting device.




Turolla shhark® continuum®

Whenever total quietness is a need for your application, the Turolla shhark® continuum® is the product to choose. Designed with the ultimate goal of NoNoise, the shhark® continuum® can deliver an astonishing 15 dB noise reduction thanks to the advanced gear technology.

The gear design drastically reduces the pulsations and vibrations of the pump, avoiding pressure ripples that turn into noise. The external construction of the pump is very similar to regular gear pumps allowing for easy interchangeability on most of the machines.

Thanks to the performance at low speed, efficiency and NoNoise characteristics, the shhark® is ideal for demanding applications in material handling, agricultural, construction equipment and all applications where special attention is required to environmental surroundings.


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