Application know how

Work Function

No matter what type of mobile equipment you manufacture, Turolla will help you enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the machine’s work functions.
As a world leader in hydraulic, and electrohydraulic solutions for off-highway equipment, Turolla offers a vast array of components and systems to meet the needs of OEMs in many sectors, ranging from agriculture, construction and turf care, to road building, material handling, marine, forestry and other industries..
We provide a multitude of advanced products and features for work functions. Our extensive portfolio includes best-in-class motors, pumps, gear units, and integrated valves to name just a few. What’s more, as OEMs move toward electronic work function control to improve efficiency, Turolla has PLUS+1™ compliant solutions for CAN-based machine control and we’re moving toward true “fly-by-wire” systems.
At Turolla, we can also help you address the current and future challenges of emission control regulations. To help you comply and maintain performance, we offer highly efficient components that deliver more power and allow many control options. For example, our SGM and D-Series Motors offer features to reduce machine power losses due to emissions regulations.
Another competitive advantage of Turolla is our team’s superior technical application support and willingness to partner with our customers. Whether your needs are large or small, we’ll work with you closely to design the work function solutions for your equipment application. Plus, we stand behind all of our products with global service and support.
Fan Drive
Turolla offers expertise in fan drive system design. We will work with you to create the most efficient system for your off-highway machine.
Traditional fixed drive cooling systems will soon be a relic of the past. Machine design requirements, including fan drive systems, just got tougher than ever – due to Tier IV and Stage IV engines which must be in place by 2012. The new engines are bigger, and running hotter, with a 5-10 percent loss of power over previous generations. There’s a greater need for cooling – not only due to increased heat rejection, but also to control the temperatures in the engine, to meet both the emissions limits and fuel consumption requirements. On top of that, designers are facing lower engine efficiency. Quite a machine design dilemma, but we’re ready to help.
Turolla's proportional control, variable speed fan drive systems are engineered to enhance the performance of future generations of machines. We will collaborate with you to deliver a solution that efficiently cools on demand and recovers up to 50 percent of the engine power loss of emission-compliant engines. We’ve taken decades of experience in fan drives off highway to design robust systems that meet specific requirements of machines in a broad variety of applications – employing a combination of PLUS+1™ microcontrollers, gear pumps and motors, andHIC cartridge valves.
We’ll work to reduce the total cost of ownership with a system that’s smarter, more efficient and better supports fuel economy while redirecting available power to your work functions, even improving operator comfort by reducing noise. Today, controlling the economics of operation is an absolute must.